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My Experience With CBD Oil For Dogs

I have a dear 12 year old female Old English Sheepdog named Sydney. A few months ago I started to see some behavioral changes happening such as distancing herself from the family, difficulty getting up, walking, crying when I left the room, and difficulty walking up the stairs (she was missing stairs and started to slip down). Since Sydney is not my first OES, I am familiar with the signs of the golden years and knew that day has finally come. My first thought was to take her to the Vet for her Senior Exam to make sure all is well. We did the usual blood test, all was fine. I explained my observations to the Vet and she asked if I would like medication for Sydney to help with her mobility. My response was to decline her offer for now since I knew that we were at the beginning of a change in Sydney's life and decided to seek more homeopathic solutions. For years now, I have been giving Sydney Duralactin, Cosequinn, Fish Oil, & Cranberry Extract which I believe has contributed to her great overall health so adding one more item to the list was well, let's go for it!

I was hearing so much about the benefits of CBD Oil for dogs I thought let's give it a try. I told this to the Vet and she gave her blessing. I settled on a brand Serenity for Dogs 500 mg. The change in Syd's personality was almost immediate. She was back to being her usual self, a velcro dog! Her walking certainly improved and she was able to get up the stairs much better but always supervised. I was feeling good about the small victory and thought that if this is what 500 mg would do, why not up the dose to 2000 mg, Sydney should then be able to jump to great heights! I found a brand of 2000 mg CBD Oil and started her with the increased dosage. Truthfully the change was not so significant on the stronger dosage. I was disappointed, so I went ahead and bought another bottle of the Serenity 500 mg brand. Now in addition to the morning 2000 mg dose I give Sydney a 250 mg mid day boost. I do see a positive change with the mid day boost. I am thinking its the brand, but don't have a clue. From my limited experience with CBD Oil I would say that it definitely helps but not all oils are created equally. You may start with a brand and not see any change or you may get lucky and see a significant change. I am of the opinion that since this is not an FDA regulated product the variance in quality is huge. I am just a buyer trying to find products which would help improve my Old English Sheepdog's quality of life. I am going to continue with the Serenity and but decided to change to another brand once the bottle runs low. My mission to seek out the best CBD Oil for my OES continues and I will let you know my findings as I go along. I have absolutely no affiliation with the Serenity Brand CBD Oil or in fact any CBD Oil.

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