Dog Training

 Healthy Ingredients, Healthy Dog

You will never find preservatives or anything artificial in our dog treats.  Every treat is made with the welfare of your dog in mind.  We make crunchy treats, and chewy treats.

We can guarantee that noses

will twitch and tails will wag when you bring home a bag of Watson & Wallie Natural Dog Treats. 

Whether its for puppy, a mature or senior dog,

Healthy Ingredients make for a Healthy Pup. Enjoy the experience, take your dog on a joyful adventure of a

Watson & Wallie dog treat.

 Treats for every dog.  Crunchy, chewy, yummy and nourishing.  A delicious, healthy  dog treat and as always nothing artificial.
 Try our new Crispy Bites now in two deliciously healthy flavors: Crispy Pumpkin Oat and  Crispy Liver and Sweet Potato....  A healthy low fat  treat that is just a bite, perfect for training and perfect for when you want to give your dog a little treat.  
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