My quest for the perfect dog treat began over 25 years ago.  It all started one day when  shopping for dog treats and I picked up a package to read the label.  One package after another and another had a list of ingredients I could not even pronounce, so I asked myself why would I want to feed this to my dogs Bailey and Madison?   I knew there had to be a better way, it was at that very moment the idea of making dog treats came to me.  I was now on a mission to make healthy and wholesome dog treats using only fresh and natural ingredients.  Blueberry, Yogurt & Honey was one of the very first dog treats I started making.  The blueberries were farm stand fresh, honey came from a local beekeeper and low fat yogurt sourced locally.  The treats or cookies as we call it in our household were a huge success.  Whenever I am baking I often have an audience hovering in the kitchen patiently waiting for the oven door to open and golden treats arrive.  My dog's hope is that just maybe one treat will 'fall off' the tray.  Over the course of the years I experimented making different types of treats, some were a huge success and others, well not so much, my two would turn up their nose.  Its funny, although they can't talk with words they have a wonderful way of clearly getting their point across. The selection of treats we offer are time and dog tested.  Its been now over 25 years that I have been making dog treats for my two dogs. All that I learned along the way I now bring to you in our naturally delicious dog treats.  My dogs  love when I make the treats and so do I.  Making the treats is a joyful experience for us all.  We hope to bring that same joyful experience into your home when you bring home  Watson & Wallie Naturally Delicious Dog Treats.


We are a small family business wanting to make a difference one dog treat at a time.   We ask that you try the Pure Goodness of Watson & Wallie Dog Treats today.  We guarantee that your dog will love them.

Watch us grow.  Check back with us as we bring you more products.

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