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Watson & Wallie began with the dream of making a treat for every dog. We started with Blueberry Honey, developed for my dog with kidney disease when it became clear she would need a diet change. Then Sweet Potato Chews, a treat that almost all dogs can enjoy by virtue of it having just one ingredient. Last year, we debuted Bites. Bites are our smallest, easiest to chew treat yet, great for dogs working with gums rather than teeth or pups with sensitive stomachs. Now, we'd like to introduce a new flavor to our Bites line: Zucchini Parmesan.

These newest treats are as nutritious as they are delicious. And yes, we do taste them--the things we do for our dogs! They hit all the right notes: low in sugar and fat, low in phosphorus, gluten free. They pack a surprisingly high protein punch too, and each one is only a few calories.

The thing about veggies is that they're just as good for dogs as they are for humans, and just like some humans, some dogs don't like to eat their veggies. But even if they do like veggies, just think, most humans don't like to snack on a plain head of kale. My pups agreed with that sentiment. So instead of giving them a chunk of raw zucchini that gets thrown on the ground, we take fresh zucchini and roast it slowly to bring out all of the flavor. Then we add just a touch of parmesan cheese to make it smell extra appetizing to our furry friends. A little bit of egg white for additional protein, and oat flour to hold it all together. It's a simple recipe, just right for sensitive stomachs, and all dogs will need to start eating their veggies! Now if only it was just as easy to convince a toddler.

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