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Wheatgrass for dogs?

Updated: May 29, 2018

Dogs love to eat grass and the experts tout Wheatgrass as a Superfood. So we got to thinking, knowing that there are many nutrients and health benefits in Wheatgrass for humans, we did our research to see if dogs can benefit in much the same way. The research came back with a resounding YES! So we started to figure out how to make a healthier dog biscuit using wheatgrass. We take the cleansed fresh wheatgrass and give it a nice chop. Some of the wheatgrass goes directly into the batter and the remaining is steeped in hot water. We make a wheatgrass tea (we want to retain all of the nutrients). Once the tea is cooled, it is added to our batter. The dog biscuits come out of the oven smelling simply delicious and the dogs are jumping crazy for a taste of one or two or three. They love them and so do I. Check out our website at to buy our Wheatgrass dog biscuits or other dog specialties. Also check out which has a whole bunch of information on the health benefits of wheatgrass for dogs. #wheatgrass

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