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Welcome to
Watson & Wallie's Dog Treats

Whether your dog is a puppy, mature or a senior, a treat gives your dog joy no matter their age. Tails wag and happiness fills the air when your dog knows a treat is coming their way. We view every dog treat as a joyful adventure for both you and your dog. 


Our mission is to ensure all ingredients are thoughtfully chosen with the well being of your dog in mind. Several of our snacks are single ingredient and some of our treats are Gluten free.  We also have a snack appropriate for a diabetic dog...low protein, low phosphorus.   You can feel confident in knowing that the treat your are giving your dog is naturally healthy, has no preservatives, no soy, no chemicals but only has Fresh Pure Goodness made naturally and of course, with love.  


You can feel good about giving your dog our naturally delicious dog treats.  

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