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 Treats for the Well Being of Dogs

Every treat is made with thoughtfully chosen quality ingredients.

All of our treats are hand crafted in our Waukee kitchen

When possible all of our ingredients are locally sourced  in support of local farmers and shop keepers.

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Watson & Wallie's Dog Treats

Whether your dog is a puppy, mature or a senior, a treat gives your dog joy no matter their age. Tails wag and happiness fills the air when your dog knows a treat is coming their way. We view every dog treat as a joyful adventure for both you and your dog. 


Our mission is to ensure all ingredients are thoughtfully chosen with the well being of your dog in mind. You can feel confident in knowing that the treat your are giving your dog is naturally healthy, has no preservatives, no soy, no chemicals but only has Fresh Pure Goodness made naturally.


You can feel good about giving your dog our naturally delicious dog treats.  

Watson & Wallie's

Botanical Skincare for Dogs



Our natural skincare products  help relieve a handful of dog issues like itching, licking, dry & irritated paws; Our Natural Flea & Tick spray is chemical-free, helps to keep those nasty flea and ticks away, something which is very important to us. We don't ingest chemicals, so why should our dog?  Our soaps & conditioners make bath time  luxurious and leave your dog smelling like a field of fresh flowers. 


Dog Blower
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Our Giving Back Project

I come to the world dressed in fur.
I come in different races, colors, sizes and behaviors.
I cannot speak but I can communicate with you through the senses.
I feel your emotions, and know your feelings.
I am able to guide, to help, to protect, to reassure.
Some people take care of me, others abandon me.
Some people call me a dog, others call me their furry friend, many call me their best friend. 
I am always there for you, by your side. I am the living form of Love.


See me. Know me. Love me.

Take a Part.


With every product that you purchase

Watson & Wallie gives a share of the profits to dogs in need. 

We're Growing.  Other Places Where You Can  Find Us - 

Iowa Food Cooperative, Des Moines, Iowa

Hy-Vee Waukee -
Hy-Vee Urbandale -

HyVee now carries Watson & Wallie Dog Treats!  You can find Watson & Wallie Dog Treats at the Waukee and Urbandale Hy-Vee Stores.  Drop on by the Hickman Hy-Vee Stores to get your Watson & Wallie Natural Dog Treats today.  Treats are located in the dog food aisle. 

Des Moines Mercantile Market

 Des Moines Mercantile Market located at 3707 6th Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa.  
Ames Pet Resort, Ames Iowa

Heart of Iowa Market Place, Valley Junction, Iowa

Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market

                    Every Saturday throughout the Market season ending October 30, 2021.

Greeting our guests as they arrive to our shop

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