All of us at
Watson & Wallie Dog Treats thank you for stopping by our shop in 2019 and for allowing us to share these incredible photos of your furry friends.
Thank You.


I love riding in in the car with the breeze blowing on my face,  The glasses are for my eye protection.  We just stopped by the treat shop and my dad bought me some treats.  Do I look cool or what?

2 year old

German Shepard


Hi, I am Jack, a service dog.  I do my best to help my dad every day.  I love my dad and know that he loves me. We were shopping in the mall when he bought me some treats.  They were the best!

1 year old


Malcolm & Maverick

Were out for a stroll at the farmers market when they stopped by the dog treat shop, they knew we were hungry.  They bought some jumbo treats and wowizer were they good!!!

Django & Aspen


Hi, We're Django & Aspen  and we went  to the farmers market with our mom.   We met so many nice people and really loved it when our mom bought us some treats!


Emmy & Ellie  visited our Downtown Des Moines shop yesterday  to pick up some more treats.  They are such a delightful duo, so friendly and looking spiffy dressed up in their bandannas.    We thank both Emmy & Ellie and their moms for their continued support.

Purdy - the handsome Dalmation

 Karen giving Hank a treat sample

Dogs love treats and when a treat sample comes their way..KAPOW

Hi my name is Lucy.  Don't I look pretty in my team Dog Gone Crazy Collar?  My mom just bought  this for me together with some treats... what a good day.

Here is Stevie a 1.5 year old Dane/Pyrenees mix checking out her donut.  You could see Stevie thinking humm now this looks different.. what do I do with it!  A few minutes later like magic, the treat disappeared!!!

I was out for a walk with my mom at the Farmers Market when we stopped at the dog treat booth.  Maybe mom will get me some treats?  It looks like she did, Wahoo!!

Meet Charlotte...she is a 4 month old bundle of cuteness Golden Doodle.  Her mom brought her to the farmers market and stopped by our shop to purchase her some treats. Flowers, treats, day with mom,  Charlotte had a great day!  

We recently met  a beautiful Old English Sheepdog puppy who was out with her family strolling around the Farmers Market when they stopped by out shop to pick up some treats.  You can see how focused she is on waiting for her treat.  What a beautiful little girl!

Meet Harlo

Harlo was out at the Market with his mom when they stopped by our shop to pick up some yummy dog treats.  Harlo is thinking is that for me?  Oh boy now that's a good treat. 

Jackson has eyes for Dog Treats.  His expression is priceless as he looks at the bakery case filled with delicious dog treats.  What a way to go Jackson!  Thanks for stopping by our shop again and picking up  some treats. We can recognize those beautiful eyes anywhere.

 Franklin, Phoebe & Finley stopped by our shop in Omaha to say hello and pick up a few delicious dog treats.  You could see that they are used to posing for pics...just too cute.  Phoebe, the baby is a little more pre-occupied.  Beautiful family. 

Mom is holding a treat and see the  incredible focus on this baby's face. Absolutely delightful! 

Hi, my name is Tater and  I am a Pug.    People tell me I am handsome, I'll accept the compliment.  Yesterday, mom took me out for a walk at the Farmers Market, we had such a nice time.  I met lots of other dogs, just like me and mom picked up some yummy treats for me.  We had such a nice day together.  I love going for walks with mom!  I love my mom!

Hi, we are Clark & Murphy, and we are best buds.  I am Murphy a black Lab and Clark, my best friend,  has a neat multi-coloring.  It looks like we have something great coming our way, I can smell the pumpkin and peanut butter. OOH Peanut Butter and Pumpkin!!!!! I am ready whenever your are....ok mom!

Hi, my name is Copernicus.People tell me that I am regal looking and have beautiful eyes.  Compliments always appreciated.  Although I am no relation to Copernicus, the polish astronomer, we do have something in common, my life revolves around that of my family.  I don't know what I would do without them, they love me so much and I love them. What more can a guy like me ask for?  Mushy stuff aside, I do see some treats which look darn yummy to me.....

Hi my name is

Oliver and I am a Bedlington puppy.  My Mom and Dad took me out for a walk to the Omaha Farmers Market and we met so many people and other doggies. It was fun.   We stopped by a shop which had plenty of dog treats when my mom saw this pretty collar and said that I would look so handsome in it.  Do you think I look handsome?  Yes Oliver, you do look very handsome!

Hello, my name is The Duke and I am a 7 month old Portuguese Water Dog.  My family said that I was named after John Wayne.  You can see the resemblance... both of us are tall dark and ruggedly handsome! We were on our way from Colorado when we decided to stop in Omaha at the Farmers Market and my mom picked up some treats for me.  Wow yummy!#@  What a great ride and treats!!!  My life is good.

Hi my name is Gia and I am a 2 year old Golden Retriever.  I love it when my mom and I do parlor tricks.  You see she puts a treat on my nose, I wait with the treat on my nose until she says the magic word. I really have to concentrate so the treat doesn't fall.  Once mom says OK I flip the treat in my mouth like magic.  Yummmy, yummy, yummy.  Today we went to the store and we picked up some more treats for me.  I see more parlor tricks coming!!! Yay... 

Hi my name is Piper and I am a  Boston Terrier.  I had a great day on Saturday with my dad, we went to the market and met a lot of nice people all who told me that I am good looking!  I love going for walks with dad because sometimes he carries me. When he carries me  I can then see everything from high up just like my dad.  Thanks dad.

Hi my name is Gucci and today is my 9th birthday.  We had some fun at the Farmers Market today.  We went into this shop which had really great smelling dog treats when mom decided to get me a treat for my birthday.  She bought me this great apple & oat donut.  Once she had it, she threw it in the air so I can catch it, and catch I did.  Yummy delicious. Thanks mom and dad!

Hi, our names are Marv and Harry and we are 14 week old Great Dane Puppies.  People have been telling us that we are really cute.  Not quite sure we understand what that means but people have been so nice to us, we have to think to be really cute is a good thing!  We'll take it....

ARL Dog Jog - it was a bit rainy today but hundreds of dogs came out for the cause.  It was a great day in spite of the weather.  Thank you ARL for doing what you do so well and for saving so many of God's wonderful creatures. 

Hi my name is Ferdinand and I am 1 year and 8 months old.  I am out today at the Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market with my dad and we are having such a great time.  What makes it really special is that my dad is holding me so I can really see everything going on around me.  Something smells really good, dad just bought me some treats, yeah!  I love spending the day with my dad.

Hi, my name is Celementine and  I am 3 years old.  We went out for a walk today and  are having such a great time at the Farmers Market.  I am doing a lot of walking and meeting plenty of other dogs.  Everyone is telling me that I am a pretty girl, what do you think?  Yes, Celmentine you ARE a beautiful little girl.  Thanks for stopping by our shop.